India-Pak War Crises: We do no Want Escalation With Pakistan, Swaraj


Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday raised a strong pitch for a concerted international effort to combat terrorism related to India-Pak war crisis.

The Indian external affairs minister said terrorism is a threat to the whole world and requires a mechanism led by the United Nations to combat it.

She said, “We need a global strategy, global cooperation to counter-terrorism. I am happy to tell you today we discussed the establishment of UN-led global counter-terrorism mechanism and finalising CCIT (Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism) proposed by India to implement it.”

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi spoke in a well-calibrated way about tackling terrorism – Beijing and Islamabad are close allies and call themselves “iron brothers”.

Talking about RIC’s stand against terror, Wang said it was “especially important to eradicate the breeding grounds of terrorism”.

China’s Appreciation for both countries:

Soon after, he came out in support of Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts. “China, Russia, and India have reaffirmed our strong opposition to terrorism in its various forms and manifestations. At the same time, we believe that Pakistan has always been opposed to terrorism,” Wang said.

“On recent developments between India and Pakistan, China appreciates the statements by Indian and Pakistani friends saying that they would exercise restraint and avoid escalation of the situation,” he added.

“As a mutual friend to both India and Pakistan, we do hope that they can conduct a dialogue to establish facts through investigations to keep things under control and maintain peace and stability in the region. In this process, China is playing a constructive role not the opposite,” he added.

The joint communique released at the end of the RIC also talked about tackling terrorism.

The statements from the leaders and the communique come a day after India allegedly carried out strike at “terror camps” near Line of Control (LoC) at Balakot.

“As far as Pulwama is concerned, I had raised this issue in the bilateral meeting with Mr Wang Yi and also at RIC (Russia-India-China) forum,” Swaraj said adding that the three countries agreed to cooperate to counter terrorism.

She, however, said that given the threat posed by terrorism, a strategy by three countries – India, Russia and China, would not be enough to meet the challenge. “You heard the address by Mr Wang Yi (Chinese foreign minister), he said – We will cooperate to eradicate breeding ground of terrorism and extremism -,”

she said, “It’s not just a joint strategy but also our commitment…Terrorism is a threat to humanity, so strategy by the three countries is not enough.”

Swaraj’s invitation for talks:

Swaraj was making her opening remarks during the 16th Russia, India and China (RIC) foreign ministers’ forum being held in Wuzhen, a picturesque water town in eastern China’s Zhejiang province.

“India does not wish to see a further escalation of the situation and India will continue to act with responsibility and restraint,” she said.

Swaraj earlier told her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi that the worst attack on its soldiers in Kashmir’s Pulwama district earlier this month.

“The attack was carried by JeM, the Pakistan-based and supported terrorist organisation,” Swaraj claimed on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Indian foreign secretary accepted that one Indian MiG-21 was shot down and its pilot Wing Commander Abhi Anand is missing.


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