India Plans to Purchase 110 fighter aircrafts worth $15 billion


Mumbai: War hysteria of India reaches heights as they plan to buy 110 fighter aircraft worth $ 15 billion. This can misbalance the state of power in the region and can threaten peace. According to the International News Agency, the Indian Air force statement said that the increase of 110 fighter jets would increase the combat fleet and also the efficiency of Indian air defense.

Aircraft Manufacturing in India

World renowned combat weapons and aircraft makers such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Saab, and Dassault aviation will offer their rates and services in making aircrafts for India. Talking to the media a senior officer of Indian Air Force claims that 85% of the preparation of the aircraft would be done in India. This action can certainly promote the local aircraft manufacturing industry. Lockheed Martin, a renowned company has even offered to transfer their ‘F-16 production line’ to India. The Indian Defense Ministry had earlier expressed its desire to purchase single engine aircraft. Earlier in February, Modi government has emphasized on the preparation of two engine air craft, after which the Indian Air Force has sought tender for preparing 110 fighter jets.

Combat Exercises of Indian Air Force

On the other hand, Indian Air Force has announced combat exercises from April 11th to 21st 2018. These combat exercises will be carried out in two stages in the northern and western boundaries, in which 15 thousand soldiers and 300 officers will participate. Moreover, 1100 aircrafts will also be the part of exercise. Indian Air Force command says India is facing threats from both sides of the border, therefore combat exercises are inevitable. Indian exercise will take place near the borders of Pakistan and China.


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