In Pictures: India Successfully Test fires Air-to-Air Astra Missile


India Successfully Test fires Air-to-Air Astra Missile

India has recently succeeded in its prototype missile, which has been in works for sometime now. The country’s air force took the home-made air-to-air Astra missile out for a test run, thousands of feet up in the air today. The missile was successfully test fired off the coast of the eastern state of Odisha.

the Indian Defense Ministry announced that on Wednesday afternoon, the pre-induction test firing of the missile was carried out, over the Bay of Bengal. The missile was carefully flown to a safe location before firing it for a test run.

According to the statement by a defense, Astra was successfully test fired by the Indian Air Force from a Su-30 aircraft. The plane had taken off from an Air Force station located in Kalaikunda.

The missile successfully engaged a maneuvering target with high precision, meeting the mission objectives, it added.

“The flight test assumes significance as it was part of the series of final pre-induction trials,” the statement revealed.

Below are the pictures taken by the Air Force during the missile launch. The pictures were taken through a camera installed on the outer of the aircraft.

air-to-air astra missile

India has developed its first ever aircraft, Astra, which will be its never-seen-before all-weather, beyond-visual-range, and air-to-air missile. Astra is developed in collaboration with the state-owned Defense Research and Development Organisation.

The missile features mid-course inertial guidance with terminal active radar homing. It is also designed to be capable of engaging targets at varying range and altitudes from 20 km to 80 km.


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