Indian Elections 2019: Voting begins for the third phase


Indian elections 2019 began in the third phase today. The elections began at Narendra Modi’s home in Gujarat, the state of Kerala. Rahul Gandhi is also contesting.

Across 15 states the Indian elections 2019, there are 188 million voters who are eligible to cast vote.

The general Indian election 2019, which has seven phases, began on April 11 and will end on May 19.

Moreover, The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has pushed Modi’s national security record as it seeks to offset the opposition’s charges of inadequate jobs creation, economic mishandling and widespread farm distress.

“I think job creation, sustainable development, and communal harmony should be the top priorities for the upcoming government,” said Ubaidullah Mohyideen, 26, who voted in Kerala’s Wayanad, one of the two seats that Gandhi is contesting.

At an election rally in Maharashtra on Monday, Modi mentioned the attacks on Sri Lankan hotels and churches on Easter Sunday that killed 290 people before saying that he increased India’s security from 2014.

“Friends, remember the situation of India before 2014,” Modi said. “Weren’t their bombs going off in different corners of the country every other day?”

Verma also said Modi’s repeated reference to the Sri Lankan attacks were a sign that the BJP would double down on the security issue for the remainder of the election campaign, which the prime minister began as a front-runner amid escalated tensions with neighbouring Pakistan.

“I feel BJP is hell-bent on running this campaign on national security,” Verma said. “Basically if they bring up any other thing, they would be on difficult terrain, like on economic issues or on their performance.”


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