Indian forces dragged Kashmiri’s body with chains


Srinangar: Images of Indian forces went viral on social media in which they did another brutal act.

Indian forces dragged the body of Kashmiri with chains tied to its feet in occupied Kashmir. According to sources, the picture is taken on Thursday, September 13. However, Indian forces martyred five Kashmiris in two operations.

A journalist, who is the eye-witness, revealed that the images were taken on the shooting site near the Kakriyal forests. According to sources, a person whose body was dragged was among the five Kashmiris martyred in the operation.

However, people from all walks of life condemned the inhuman act as the Indian forces violated all international treaties.

India signed the Geneva Convention, which states that parties to strife must take every single conceivable measure to scan for and gather the injured and wiped out, to secure them against plunder and abuse, to guarantee their satisfactory care, and to look for the dead and keep their being raided.


  1. I dont know what is the role of UN for this act of Indian Forces, it is totally violence with Kahmiris. Being a humanity all the conscionable state of the subcontinent should do their part to raise the voice against the brutality with Kashmir peoples.


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