Indian Forces Martyred Two Youngsters in Kashmir


Srinagar: Indian troops killed two young Kashmiris in the occupied Kashmir.

Indian soldiers martyred Kashmiris in Bandipore which is a district in occupied Kashmir. However, they killed innocent youngsters during a military operation at Panar region of the district.

The Indian military operation is in progress from the last 6 days. Earlier, an Indian military person was died in an attack in the same district. However, Indian military officials claimed that youngsters were militants and were died during an encounter with the Indian military.

India is involved in the killing of the innocent Kashmiris from several decades. A few days back, Indian Army Chief said that Kashmiris should withdraw from their freedom movement. He further added that India will stop the killing of Kashmiris if the people throw down their weapons. He also said that protesters who pelt stones at the army only invite more aggression on themselves. Indian Army Chief said that Kashmiris can never attain independence and cannot win from the Indian Army. While asking the freedom fighters to surrender and coming out of hiding, he said unless they do so Kashmiris will die.


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