Indian nuclear bombs are not for Diwali, PM Modi threatens Pakistan


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi threatened Pakistan with the nuclear attack.

Indian PM Narendra Modi threatened that their nuclear bombs are not for Diwali. He elaborated that India stopped the policy of being threatened by the nuclear threats of Pakistan.

Narendra Modi said that every other day Pakistan used to say they have nuclear button, they have nuclear button. What do India has then? Has India kept it for Diwali?

He was addressing from the election rally in Chittorgarh. He further added that India is standing by Sri Lanka and is ready for any help in the time of crisis.

The Kashmir crisis is creating tension between both nuclear powers. On February 14, Pulwama attack resulted in the death of 44 Indian soldiers. However, India blamed Pakistan for the terrorist attack. A few days later, Indian aircrafts invaded the Line of Control but forced to return after the timely response by Pakistan Air Force. Next day, Pakistan shot down 2 Indian aircrafts and also captured Indian pilot.

On the other side, Pakistan facilitated a large group of defence attachés, foreign journalists, and international ambassadors to Balakot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


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