Israel Deserves Its Own Land, Our Enemy Is Common: Saudi Prince


New York:  Saudi Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, released a controversial statement. He said that Israel deserves a homeland for its people. He further added that Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common enemy. However, it is a notable shift in the Saudi policy as it is one of the major Muslim Country.

Key Points of Statement

A reporter asked Mohammed Bin Salman that what he thinks about the right of Jewish people for their own homeland. However, he replied that people from any place have a right to reside in their peaceful nation. He further added that Israelis and Palestinians have a right to possess their own homeland. Saudi Prince said that we also have concerns over the AL-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinians’ rights.

 Background of Israel Saudi Relations

There are still no formal relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. However, both countries improved their relations through back-door channels. They consider Iran as their biggest threat and the United States as their friend or ally. In addition, both these countries consider armed militants dangerous for the region. Saudi Arabia is playing a crucial role in the Arab Peace Initiative that is focused on a two-state solution to the Palestinian – Israeli Conflict.


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