Israel fired several missiles on Damascus, Syrian sources


Beirut: According to Syrian news sources, Israeli warplanes hit several missiles on Damascus, Syria.

On Friday (yesterday), Israel fired several missiles, triggered the Syrian air defence that eventually shot down most of them.

One of the Syrian news agency revealed that aggression results so far were just limited to the strike on a warehouse at Damascus airport. The footage of air defence firing was revealed, with bright lights also seen visible with shooting across the night sky. In one video, an explosion was also heard.

Israel has mounted assaults in Syria as a component of its push to counter the impact cut out there by Iran, which has upheld President Bashar al-Assad in the war that ejected in 2011. The last Israeli assault revealed by Syrian state media was on December 25, when a rocket assault injured three Syrian warriors.

A senior Israeli authority said in September Israel had completed in excess of 200 assaults against Iranian focuses in Syria over the most recent two years. Iranian and Iran-sponsored bunches including Lebanon’s Hezbollah have sent into Syria in help of President Bashar al-Assad’s legislature amid the war.


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