Israel Threaten to Destroy S-300 Russian Missile System in Syria


Israel has threatened to destroy S-300 Russian missile system in Syria. Israel warned that Russia should not provide modern missiles to Syria. According to sources, Israel’s defense leader Avigdor Liberman held a press conference in the occupied Jerusalem. In addition, he said that if the Russian missile system in Syria has damaged Israel or the plan to destroy a plane, the Syrian army will destroy the Russian missile defense system.

However, Russia has announced that it will deliver modern Syrians missile to Syria soon. Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has threatened that Russian missiles were used against Israeli planes, so Israel would target Iranian forces in Syria. Israel’s defense minister Liberman is going to America where he will talk with US officials about destroying Russian missiles.


According to sources, Russia will not sell Syria the S-300 system. However, they will provide it free of cost as a military assistance. The system consists missile launchers and radar arrays. They provide long-range defense against missiles and fighter jets. However, it has been supplied by Russia to Iran and deployed by Russia in Syria. It was unclear if Russia would provide new S-300 systems to Syria or if it would simply give over control of the pre-installed systems.


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