Kim Jong Un Promises Closure of Nuclear Site in May


North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un while meeting with the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, promised to shut down nuclear site by May.

From making jokes and giving soft smiles, North Korean ruler, Kim Jong Un, had changed worlds view about him. He was always seen as a ruthless dictator, but this meeting shows that North Korea is willing to work towards a peaceful goal. The North Korea and South Korea relationships seem to be getting better as both leaders hugged and exchanged warm smiles.

The North Korean Leader said that the news about their nuclear test site being unusable is false. He said there are still two tunnels which are bigger and the site can still be used. But while adding that he said North Korea is willing the closure of the site as sign of good will.

There was news of the Punggye-ri test site being unusable due to a cave in of a tunnel that is used in the testing. But Kim Jong Un said the test site is still usable, but North Korea agrees on complete denuclearization of Korean Peninsula. He said that South Korea and American media and officials can come see the process for themselves after May.


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