Kim Jong Un Tries to Improve His Image With Hug and Jokes


Seoul: Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, tries to show his soft image with hug and jokes.

However, he has been acknowledged as a bully by South Korea for several years. During his visit, Kim Jong Un tries to soften his image. He presented himself as a quick wit and humble person. Millions of people from South Korea watched his action and appreciated his friendly behavior.

Kim Jong Un has frequently demonstrated a merciless side. He has been blamed for having his stepbrother and uncle slaughtered to solidify his hang on control. Under the grasp of Kim’s one-man govern, the nation has numerous nonconformists and political adversaries in jail camps. U.S. insight specialists are endeavoring to fabricate a profile of Kim for President Donald Trump in front of an arranged summit between the match, yet coordinate learning of Kim Jong Un stays constrained and resembles a “black box,” as per one U.S. official comfortable with the profiling endeavors.

Kim Jong Un and Moon promised at their summit on Friday to work for the “total denuclearization of the Korean region” and reported they would work with the United States and China this year to announce an official end to the 1950s Korean War.


  1. Acknowledge with Thanks to Hum Network for granting an access to the News letter(s)…. World will definitely breath a sigh of relief to the delightful news of ending of Korean War after lapse of a period of 65 years…Indeed a beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity for the people of South as well as North Korea in general and for the world at large because of threat of a Nuclear War..This peace initiative is similar to that of East and West Germany..which ultimately resulted in demolition of Berlin Wall..Let’s all hope and wish that the friendship between both the Korean People strengthen in the time to ahead so as to reap the benefits of prosperity….


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