Makkah Madina Train Service Will Begin In September


Madrid: Makkah Madina Train Service Will start from September. It will be a high speed train that will reduce the distance duration between the two cities.

Makkah Madina Train Service will be launching in few months. After several delays it will finally begin in September 2018. It had a cost overwhelm of 210 million euros which Saudi Arabia has consented to pay, the Al-Shoula consortium included an announcement. It will start working in September with four trains for each, prior week offering day by day benefit by September 2019.

Saudi Arabia in 2011 granted the agreement worth 6.7 billion euros ($7.1 billion) to the consortium of 12 Spanish organizations and two Saudi firms for the task which means to enhance transport between the two urban communities amid the yearly hajj journey.

The agreement one of the greatest Spanish firms have ever embraced abroad is for the laying of the 444 kilometers (275 miles) of track amongst Makkah and Madina, through 35 trains. When it is done, the rail connection will have the capacity to move 166,000 travelers for every day. In any case, the undertaking has keep running into challenges that have added to its costs, prompting differences among individuals from the consortium over who is in charge of settling them and paying for the cost invades.

The rail line crosses the Arabian Desert, where dust storms are regular and vast hills can all of a sudden shape, which has added to the challenges in finishing the task. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed receptacle Salman visit to Spain a month ago played a key part in settling the contradictions over the postponements in finishing the task.


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