Mexico uses huge X-Ray on trucks to detect illegal immigrants


Officials from Mexico arrested several illegal migrants that were hidden in trucks.

In just 2 days, 200 illegal immigrants hidden in trucks are traced in Mexico. However, a giant X-Ray was used to detect people hidden in secret compartments. The footage reveals a ghost like truck that is filled with the brightened shadows of illegal immigrants. On the other side, 228 hidden migrants were also captured during a routine search operation at the southern state of Chiapas. According to sources, Mexico is doing the operation against illegal immigrants due to the pressure by the United States.

The raise is observed in apprehensions after Francisco Garduno’s appointment, who is now the new chief of the National Migration Institute (INM), the Mexico’s immigration authority.

On the other side, under the Francisco Garduno’s tenure, the agency succeeded to capture several high profile illegal immigrants smuggled in trucks or other vehicles. However, the weekend he took the office, INM captured 800 people in 4 trucks from the eastern state of Veracruz.


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