More than 40 lost their lives in Cairo’s church incident


Near the capital of Egypt, a crowded Cairo Coptic Church caught fire during morning prayers, that killed 41 worshipers, including at least 10 children. The outburst erupted in Giza city, Egypt’s second-largest city across the Nile from Cairo. Around 5000 worshippers gathered to attend the Sunday mass. 

Numerous people were stuck inside and jumped from the floor to escape the severe flames. One of the witness said that there was intense suffocation and children have no idea where to go. More than 40 people including four policemen were become part of the unfortunate day. 

In a statement, the interior ministry said a forensic examination showed the fire began in the second-floor air conditioning as a result of an electrical malfunction. According to a statement by the interior ministry that says that the explosion was a result of an electrical breakdown. An amount of 100,000 Egyptian pounds ($5,220) is expected to grant to the families who have lost their loved ones. 


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