Muhammad Ali Jinnah Park Canada: The Park Will Be Inaugurated Today


Muhammad Ali Jinnah Park will be opened today in Canada.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah Park Canada will inaugurate on Saturday. However, it would be the first park on Jinnah’s name in Canada. Tariq Azim Khan, Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Canada, will inaugurate the Muhammad Ali Jinnah Park. The park is located at Tim Sale, Northern Lights, South Pointe, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Manitoba’s government also invited Pakistan’s High Commissioner Tariq Azim Khan to inaugurate the park on Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s name. In addition, the Pakistani community in Winnipeg will also likely attend the event. In addition, Tariq Azam Khan will also meet with different key people. However, he would meet with Minister of Trade and Education, Minister of Families, and Lt Governor of Manitoba.


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