Munira Abdullah: UAE woman wakes up after 27 years long coma


In United Arab Emirates, a 59 years old woman named Munira Abdullah recovered from coma after the long duration of 27 years.

Munira Abdullah was 32 years old when she went into comma due to the serious car accident. However, she faced severe brain injury after her car collided by the bus.

Omar Webair, her son, was aged 4, at the time of accident. However, Munira Abdullah cradled Omar in her arms to protect him from any injury. He reveled that her mother was sitting with him in the back seat. When she saw the crash coming, she hugged him to protect him from the blow.

Omar Webair said that he never gave up on her mother because he always had a feeling that one day she would wake up. He further added that the reason he shared her mother’s story is to tell people not to lose hope on their loved ones and do not consider them dead when they are in such a state.


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