New Zealand gun laws tighten again after the NZ mosque attack


New Zealand announced its policy for the national firearms register Monday.

New Zealand gun laws are now tightened again for as the second law of gun reforms after the NZ mosque attack that killed 51 Muslims.

PM Jacinda Ardern revealed that regulations around who can get firearm licences will also be tightened to stop the weapons getting into wrong hands.

Government’s initial response regarding the attack was the immediate ban on the MSSAs or Military Style Semi Automatic rifles utilized in the worst massacre in the history of New Zealand.

Police Minister Stuart Nash revealed that the key changes were needed to keep track of ammunition in the community. According to sources, the register, which will take 5 years to complete, will contain the data of the estimated 1.2 million guns in New Zealand, for the population of about 5 million people.

The gun law reform second round will include a ban on foreigners purchasing ammunition, as the accused Brenton Tarrant is Australian who allegedly bought arsenal of rifles. In addition, new gun laws will also stop people from holding license who are convicted for gang activity, violence, drug or firearm offences.


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