Nigeria Suicide Blast Killed At Least 60 People, Several Are Wounded


Kano: Nigeria suicide blast resulted in the deaths of more than 60 people.

Nigeria Suicide Blast was carried out by two youngsters in Mubi at around 1 pm (1200 GMT). The place is around 200 kilometers away from Yola, Adamawa. National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) official, Imam Garki said that 26 deaths were reported. In addition, 56 were wounded and 11 of them are in critical condition.

However, the Mubi General Hospital official said that we received 37 bodies. In addition, a rescue worker that was involved in the rescue operation said that 68 people were wounded and 42 people were killed.

According to local residents, the death toll is much higher and could increase further. They said that no of dead bodies are increasing in hospitals. Majority of them were being brought by their families. Several sources claimed that it is the worst attack in the city and there are still some dead bodies are unclaimed at the hospital.


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