North Korea Is Willing To Talk On Its Nuclear Program, United States


US officials revealed that the Government of North Korea is agreeing to talk with the United States over its nuclear program. They further added that North Korea is agreed to stop conducting missile and nuclear tests as it is in the dialogue process with South Korea.

South Korean Security Chief, Chung Eui-yong said that it is an open-ended dialogue to discuss the denuclearization issues and to improve relations with North Korea. He further added that North Korean officials clarified that they have no intention to retain nuclear weapons. However, they want a security against any military and national security threat.

Key Developments Related to North Korea Nuclear Program

The relation between North Korea and the United States is currently moving towards in a right direction. The United States president, Donald Trump, is trusting on North Korea and believes that the country is sincere in peace talks with South Korea. In addition, the United States is also looking forward to doing joint military exercises with South Korea.

Relations between two Korean countries are also in a good phase as presidents of both countries will meet in April at a demilitarized zone present at the mutual border.

The United States Wants a Denuclearized North Korea Before Peace Talk

The Ice is gradually melting between the United States and North Korea but, the US administration wants concrete actions related to the denuclearization from North Korea. The US official revealed that the ceasing of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons will not be satisfying for us if North Korea privately develops its ballistic and nuclear missile programs.


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