Nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan is highly possible, NYT


Renowned American newspaper New York Times wrote that the nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan is still possible.

NYT revealed that nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan was “most likely” and it was “not North Korea”. However, they wrote that the tensions between both countries are lowered but the nuclear weapons mean unthinkable consequences are still possible.

New York Times revealed that “this relative calm is not a solution”. It noted that India and Pakistan were “long among the world’s most antagonistic neighbors” and that it was fortunate they found “the good sense to de-escalate”.

The newspaper further elaborated at the prior escalations and spats between the two neighboring South Asian nations and said it was in this light that the countries “maintain a near-constant state of military readiness along their border and have little formal government-to-government dialogue.

NYT wrote that if both countries refused to deal with Kashmir crisis, unpredictable, possibly terrifying, consequences. Further, the United States should get involved in this matter.


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