Nuclear Test Site Damaged and Collapsed in North Korea


Beijing: North Korea nuclear test site is partially collapsed. However, it is due to the 2017’s bomb blast.

Chinese seismologists elaborated that now it is unable to use. However, a few days back, Kim Jong Un, North Korean Leader declared that we will stop long-range missile and nuclear tests. He further added that we will also shut down the Punggye-ri nuclear site in the northeast region.

Reasons of North Korea Nuclear Site Collapse

North Korea conducted five nuclear tests at site and the September 2017 test caused a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. However, it was felt across the northern border. The country further claimed that they tested the Hydrogen Bomb. Earthquakes and Landslides further caused a speculation. Chinese experts found that the aftershock became a reason of rock collapse in the mountain. They also elaborated that it is vital to regularly monitor the possible leakage of radioactive materials.

China installed radiation monitoring stations along the North Korean border. The Chinese newspaper also published tips that how civilians can save themselves during and after the nuclear attack. However, Analysts believe that North Korea should keep its promise to not take part in future nuclear and missile tests.


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