NZ Mosque Attacks: Residency will be offered to victims


New Zealand has announced a two-year new window Wednesday for the NZ Mosque attack survivors and their families to stay permanently in New Zealand.

The special visa category “recognises the impact of the tragedy on the lives of those most affected NZ mosque attacks survivors. It will give people temporary and permanent visas.

The people living in New Zealand or present at the NZ mosque attacks immediately qualify for the visa.

The definition of “immediate family” has also been expanded to include a wide circle of family members including partner’s family and the grandparents of children under 25.

Mustafa Farouk, the president of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, called it a “generous gesture.”

“Some of these people have not only lost their loved ones, but they have also lost their main provider.”

“We are very happy,” he further said, adding he expected everyone eligible would apply.


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