Pakistani man tried to stop NZ shooting terrorist succumbed to injuries


According to sources, Pakistani man who made a brave effort to stop NZ shooting terrorist is succumbed to injuries.

Naeem Rashid passed away at Friday’s night. However, he wrestled with NZ shooting terrorist when he made an attack. His son Talha Naeem also died in the Christchurch mosque attack.

Five Pakistanis were also reported missing after the New Zealand mosque attack. Elderly man from Hafizabad identified as Muhammad Ameen and 27-year-old Karachi-born Areeb were also among the injured. The Foreign Office revealed that the search for those missing is in progress.

Dr Mohammad Faisal, a spokesperson for the Foreign Office of Pakistan, said that 4 Pakistani nationals were injured in the horrific New Zealand mosque shooting. They were being treated at hospitals.

Yesterday, atleast 49 people were died. The firing was occurred at two mosques and it is unclear yet about the number of attackers. Video footage widely circulated on social media, apparently taken by a gunman and posted online live as the attack unfolded, showed him driving to one mosque, entering it and shooting randomly at people inside. Worshippers, possibly dead or wounded, lay huddled on the floor of the mosque, the video showed.


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