Pakistani woman Nazish became first Muslim Mayor in Southeast England


Nazish Adil, the Pakistani woman, became the first Muslim Mayor in the Southeast England.

Nazish Adil grabbed the victory in the local elections. However, she is the first mayor who belongs to the ethnic community. Nazish Adil is the first mayor of Pakistani origin in entire southeast England. She belongs to a party, Liberal Democrats, that took the reins of Seaford by defeating two major political parties, the Conservative Party and the Labor Party.

It was not a simple task for her to win the seat of the town council of Seaford, as the town is home to a large number of staunch supporters of the Conservative party. However, she became the town’s chief executive, and now enjoys regal protocol. People bow before her while the army salutes her and conducts marches in her honor.

She completed her LLB from the SM Law College and did her masters in international relations from the University of Karachi. Then she completed LLM in criminology from the SM Law College.


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