Paulo Coelho Lauds Malala and terms her exemplary for all alike


As Pakistan’s worldly admired right activists Malala Yousafzai visits Brazil, denoting her first visit to Latin America.

In praise of commencing philanthropic activities, literary icon Coelho tweeted good wishes for her.
“I don’t want to ask anything, but to say loud a clear THANK YOU,” Coelho tweets in light of a #AskMalala movement the rights activist arrived in South America.

“You are an example for children, teenagers, and adults alike. May your path be blessed,” he composed.

Malala, similar to vast numbers of Pakistanis readers, turns out to be an admirer of the Brazilian author, reacting with: “Paulo, your words have inspired me for many years. I am so often asked my favorite book and I always say The Alchemist.

“I’m so honored to be in your beautiful country,” she described.

Her visit to Brazil, the biggest economy of the region is to advocate greater spending on education.
After the country passed an amendment solidifying government spending in genuine terms for two decades with a specific end goal to decrease debts.

She likewise would like to have an expected 1.5 million for girls come back to the classroom, with an exceptional emphasis on minorities that linger behind white kids on key benchmarks like secondary school education.

Focusing on that younger girls should center around their lives as opposed to growing up speedier than their male partners, she stated: “Girls should tell their leaders what they need to achieve their goals and continue using their voices until they are heard. Never give up.”


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