Plane Crash In Mumbai, India Killed At Least Five People


Mumbai: In India, a plane is crashed into a construction site and resulted in the death of five people.

The 12-seater small airplane plunged into a construction site in Mumbai, India. Some images revealed the black smoke and flames on the site that is near to several residential buildings.

A witness revealed that there was an immense blast and the adjoining tree burst into flames and the fire spilled in the city. He further added that at first they accepted an electric box in the under development building more likely than not burst into flames. However, when they looked at the spot, we found the roasted body of a man who obviously was on motorbike when the plane smashed. A lady also reported that she heard three big explosion and also seen a huge fire.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) revealed the details about airplane. He said that it was a turbo-prop King Air C-90 and was on a test flight. There were two aircraft maintenance engineers and two pilots on board. However, all of them and a person on ground were died.


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