PM Abbasi Visits China for Boao Forum for Asia Conference


Islamabad: PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi departed for China on Sunday, arriving on the same day, to attend the Boao forum for Asia Conference, where he is expected to speak to the rest of the countries. Prime Minister Pakistan is said to be one of the key speakers on the platform of the forum and will also initiate talks with other Asian countries to strengthen bilateral relations between them and Pakistan.

Importance of Boao Forum for Pakistan

The Boao Forum for Asia is one of the biggest forums for academic, government and business leaders from Asia, which is modeled after the World Economic forum that is held in Davos. All of the Asian countries will be attending for initiating better relations with each other and open up business opportunities and dialogues. Pakistan’s presence on this forum will indicate Pakistan’s willingness to start business relations with others, giving us more economic opportunities to explore from and boost the country’s trade and business potential. PM Khaqan Abbasi’s speech will play a key factor for showing other countries that Pakistan is “Open for Business”.

China’s President to Speak on Tariff War with America

Chinese President Xi Jinping will also be one of the key speakers along with PM Khaqan Abbasi at the Boao Forum where he has to address two very important points. One of them is the tariff war with American President Donald Trump, as Trump wants to slap on tariffs of up-to 150 billion dollars on Chinese Products, while giving off the friendly notion that China is always prepared to welcome business opportunities from any country friendly enough to do so. The Chinese President Xi Jinping has to show retaliatory action by imposing tariffs as it cannot afford to be shown as weak, being one of the two biggest economic powers of the world. The Boao conference will be held on 10th of April, Tuesday.


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