PM Imran Khan meets Chinese Prime Minister Xi-Jinping


PM Imran Khan had paid visits in Beijing on 8th of October, 2019,  Tuesday morning in order to meet Xi-Jinping and briefly discussed about the affairs of the region, mutual benefits and talks about the Pakistan – China relations.

In a meeting, PM Imran Khan thanked the PM Xi and their government for always supporting Pakistan in their crunch situation. Imran Khan added, Pakistan had highly suffered from socio-economic drawback but China has wipe out Pakistan’s economic difficulty by introducing, China Pakistan Economic Corridor” (CPEC) project.

“China had never demanded anything on the behalf of their support” further added, by PM Imran. He also said that, both the countries are striving for maintaining their mutual relationships through involving in several projects that will be beneficial for Pakistan and China.

Besides that, PM of Pakistan had also attending International Horticulture Exhibition 2019 in Beijing.


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