Ramadan 2019 begins in different countries from today


Muslim started fasting as the holy month of Ramadan 2019 is now started in different parts of world.

Ramadan 2019 began in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq, Egypt, United States, Canada, and major parts of Middle East and Southern Europe. In Pakistan and some other countries the Ramadan moon was not sighted and Muslims of these countries will begin fasting from May 7 (tomorrow).

Ramadan is celebrated with great enthusiasm around the world. Muslims across the globe make great arrangements to welcome the Holy month.

People offer Tarawih prayers in mosques, grounds, halls, and homes. They also feed poor and do a lot of charity in the holy month. In addition, people also provide food items to commuters and public before Iftar. Iftar parties also provide a great opportunity to get together with friends and families.


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