Ramadan moon sighting in Saudi Arabia: Meeting will be held today


Regarding the Ramadan moon in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi authorities will make announcement on May 4.

Meeting regarding Ramadan moon sighting in Saudi Arabia will be held today. The Hilal sighting committee, along with civilians, have been asked to look for the Ramadan moon in Saudi Arabia today, the 29th date of the current Islamic month of Shaban.

If the moon is sighted today, the holy month of Ramadan will commence from May 5. First roza or fast in that case will be observed on Sunday. If the moon is not sighted today, Ramadan fasts will begin from Monday, May 6.

The Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs has also called upon citizens and residents to explore the vision of Ramadan moon on May 4, which is also the 29th date of Shaban. “If the moon was not visible then look for it on Sunday, Shaban 30 (May 5, 2019),” the directive states.

If the moon is sighted in Saudi Arabia, it is imperative that the crescent will be spotted at the UAE, Oman, Yemen, Qatar and other parts of the Gulf. The crescent, claim experts, would in that case would also be visible in most parts of Africa, West Asia, Europe, and the West.

In eastern part of the world, including Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, attempts will be made to sight the crescent on Sunday (May 5). If the crescent is sighted, the month of Ramadan in those region will begin from Monday. If not, Ramadan will begin from Tuesday.


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