Ramadan Mubarak: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Wished All Muslims


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted all Muslims for Ramadan around the globe including Canada.

Justin Trudeau said that Muslims in Canada and around the globe will observe the start of Ramadan. He further added that over the coming month, individuals will assemble in mosques and homes to ask, quick amid the daytime, and at night break their quick and appreciate iftars together. He elaborated that families and companions will consider the qualities at the core of Ramadan, similar to empathy, appreciation, and liberality.

Justin Trudeau said that Ramadan helps all to remember us that we can accomplish more to incorporate those qualities, value our numerous gifts, and put the requirements of others before our own. He further added that in Canada, it’s additionally an opportunity to praise our nation’s Muslim people group and the imperative commitments Muslim Canadians make each day. He said that he and his wife Sophie wish every one of those commending a favored and tranquil Ramadan.

Here is his video message on Twitter:


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