Rape Cases in India: Third Girl Raped and Burned Alive in Just a Week


New Dehli: Another case of sexual assault and brutality occurred in India where a teenage girl was raped and burnt alive.

Rape cases in India are growing at an alarming rate as it is the third case in a week. The girl was just 16 years old and she was burnt alive after a rape. According to sources, a 26-year-old man did a crime when a girl said that she would inform her family about the rape incident.

Earlier, two other rape cases in India were reported when two teenage girls became victimized. However, one of them died and the other one is seriously battling for her life.

According to local police, the girl was alone at her home when she was brutally raped and killed by the accused. They said that we arrested two suspects. They elaborated that one of them is her cousin who also informed the main accused that the girl was alone.


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