Russian-Syrian air raids on Daesh in southern Syria


Russian and Syrian aerial strikes hit Daesh positions in the southern part of Syria: news sources

AMMAN: Daesh and affiliates groups positioned in the Yarmouk Basin, which outskirts the Israeli-possessed Golan Heights and Jordan, additionally repulsed a ground assault by the Syrian armed force and its allies, the sources included.

The Syrian forces and its allies have been pushing to extend their footing near the Golan front by negotiating surrender deals with rebels and allowing them to move to opposition-held territories in the north.

The rural agricultural area has become the main battlefield in the sensitive border region after a major Russian-backed Syrian army offensive routed other rebel groups who were once backed by Washington, Jordan, and Gulf states. According to news sources, 1,000-1,500 Daesh militants had been holding their ground in spite of the 10-day-old shelling effort that he said had hit towns and caused “untold number” of regular citizen losses

A previous occupant in contact with relatives said a huge number of regular citizens whose towns have been bombarded have fled to the security of regions either held by the armed force or revolutionaries. Another source acquainted with the circumstance said Daesh had really possessed the capacity to grow its domain in the course of the most recent 20 hours by seizing no less than 18 towns deserted by different radicals under the flag of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Daesh was taking advantage of the collapse of its ideological FSA rivals which it views as apostates, the source said.

The United States once armed the southern FSA rebels but told them at the start of the Russian-Syrian offensive not to expect its intervention. While cutting other aid to the rebels, Washington had continued to provide those fighting Islamic State with weaponry.

The Syrian army said its aerial strikes and shelling of militants in the Yarmouk Basin — the only territorial pocket held by the hard-line Sunni fundamentalists in the country’s southwest — had killed “tens of terrorists” in a campaign whose goal it said was to crush IS and affiliated militants.


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