Saudi Arabia intercepted Houthi missile targeted at Jizan


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia revealed that it stopped Houthi missile launched at Jizan region.

Saudi Arabia air defence forces intercepted missile launched by Yemen’s Houthi movement rebels at Jizan. Houthi managed TV channel revealed that Badr 1 missile was targeted towards Jizan by Houthi forces. However, Jizan is located at the southwestern region of the country.

According to that channel, missile was fired at a place where Saudi Aramco is developing a huge oil refinery that will start operations from 2019. There were no reports of damage or casualties.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are involved in a proxy war from several years. Houthis have Iranian support and they fired several missiles in a past few months. However, a military alliance led by UAE and other countries intervened in Yemen war in 2015. However, the aim was to end Houthi’s power and to restore the exiled government.


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