Saudi Arabia Will Also Develop Nuclear Weapon, Saudi Foreign Minister


Riyadh: Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Foreign Minister said that Saudi Arabia will also pursue the nuclear weapon if Iran does.

He revealed that if Iran restarts its nuclear program then we will also make the nuclear weapon. A journalist asked him a question during an interview that will Saudi Arabia develop a nuclear bomb itself. However, Adel al-Jubeir replied that we will make restarts the nuclear program then they will also take every step to do the same.

Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of supporting Huthis militants in Yemen. The country believes that Iran is supplying ballistic missiles to the militia. Adel al-Jubeir said that missiles delivered to Huthis are Iranian manufactured. He further added that it is unacceptable for them and also violates the United Nations Resolution about ballistic missiles.

Adel al-Jubeir elaborated that we will analyze the appropriate time and method to respond to Iranian retaliation. He further added that they do not want direct military action against Iran. However, Iran’s actions could lead towards a war.


  1. Muslim world all over the current wave of likely warship motion between saudia,iran and syria may the cause of an endless start,Muslim world feeling a sense that trump is mainly responsible of such offensive debate between the regional muslim countries in the middle east.we pakistni people are specially worried about the critical and crucial situation is started in this respect threats by both sides pakisni people are impartialy thinking but we want see the whole muslim world safer,developing and unite overall …the situation is started is noticeable soon by UNO,OIC AND OTHER PEACE WILLING FORUMS INCLUDING AMERICAN,EUOROPEON,MUSLIMS ANALYISTS AND ALL RELATED THINK TANKS SHOULD PLAY THERE ROLE SOONER FOR SAFER REGION,MUSLIM AND GLOBAL VILLAGE TOO,WORLD DISLIKE SUCH UNAFFORDABLE ACTIVTIES AND MOVES.

  2. nuclear weapon Saudi Foreign Minister said that Saudi Arabia will also go for developing nuclear weapon. I just hope this wont happen and if it does happen it should be for the benefits of Muslims.


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