Saudi Arabia will issue Umrah Visa from Muharram


The Ministry of Haj and Umrah will issue Umrah Visa from first day of Muharram.

Saudi Arabia will issue Umrah Visa from next week (start of Muharram). The country is planning to ensutre that around 30 million Umrah pilgrims visit the country annually.

The Umrah season used to begin in Safar, the second month of the Islamic calendar. In any case, this year Umrah explorers will begin landing in the Kingdom around eight days from now i.e. from Muharram 1.

Ministry officlas said that it will work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to begin issuing Umrah visa to pilgrims at its consular and diplomatic missions abroad. As per the service, in excess of seven million travelers performed Umrah last season.

Abdul Fattah Mashshat, deputy minister, said that 15 million pilgrims expected to perform Umrah by 2022. However, the number will ascend to around 30 million constantly 2030.

He said that they currently have 1.8 million Haj pilgrims originating from outside and they intend to build this number to five million by 2030.

He further added that the arrival of travelers through the air, land and ocean deltas has been made amazingly simple and that the preparing of international IDs of pilgrims will now take just a couple of minutes.

Under the new policy, pilgrims won’t have to wait for the immigration on arrival in the Saudi Arabia.


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