Saudi court orders 1,200 lashes to two men for attacking security officers


MEDINA: Saudi court on Thursday awarded two individuals 1,200 lashes, five-year jail term, and a fine to assault security officers according to local Arab media.

The incident which supposedly occurred in the Muslim sacred city a month ago had caused wide fury across Kingdom. Thusly, police had captured the men but kept their identities classified. The criminal court, consequently, issued a sentence of flagellating by the method for 1,200 lashes, detainment for a long time, and a fine on the said assailants of the two activity cops, Dr Yasser Al-Balawi, a Saudi judge, said.

The two men were condemned by the criminal court for attacking movement cops amid their work hours toward the finish of the long stretch of Ramazan, the judge’s generally deciphered message peruses.

A local media outlet had prior tweeted a video footage of the said attackers after authorities in Medina arrested them. The occurrence, which happened on the eve of last Eid, was recorded on a cell phone by the passer-by.


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