Saudi Government will Imprison Overstaying Umrah Pilgrims


Riyadh: Saudi Government announced that they will jail Umrah pilgrims who will overstay in the country.

Ministry of Religious Affairs said that Umrah piligrims will face 6 months jail or fine of 50,000 Saudi Riyals. However, it will be implement on pilgrims who will remain in Saudi Arabia after the expiry of Umrah visa. The Ministry said that extra imprisonment will impose if they failed to submit the fine. They further added that if Umrah pilgrims will not return within the given time frame then the license of tour operators will be cancelled.

Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony officials revealed that Saudi General Directorate of Passport already issued a warning. However, it is for pilgrims to follow their travel schedules.

According to the policy, people who will arrive on Umrah visa will not allowed to travel outside Jeddah, Makkah, and Madinah.


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