Saudi Women are Learning Bike Riding after the Ban is Lifted on Driving


Riyadh: Saudi Women are taking bike riding classes after the lifting of ban from the women’s driving.

A few months, it seems hard to believe that Saudi Women will revive motorbikes at the Riyadh Sports Circuit. The ban on women’s driving will be completely lifted from 24 June. However, some Saudi Women started learning bike riding at the Bikers Skill Institute. One female rider said that biking is her passion ever since she was a kid.

The globe’s only ban on female driving, long a symbol of injustice against women is one of the significant reform yet launched by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. However, it has been undermined by the arrest of female activists including campaigners who significantly resisted the ban.

In Saudi Arabia, driving has long been a man’s prerogative. Many sought to justify the ban by saying that allowing females to drive would promote immorality.

The Saudi government has already addressed issues of abuse by considering sexual harassment as a huge crime. However, imprisonment of up to five years and a penalty of 300,000 riyals would be given to the accused people.


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