Second Trump Kim summit will be held in February


According to sources, the 2nd Trump Kim summit will be held in late February 2019.

Second Trump Kim summit is now scheduled in February 2019 but the United States will keep the economic sanctions on Pyongyang.

During the second nuclear summit, both President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with each other.

Sarah Sanders, White House spokesperson said that President Donald J Trump met with Kim Yong Chol for about 1.5 hours to discuss second Trump Kim summit and denuclearization. She further added that the event will take place at the end of February and the location will be announced later.

Sarah Sanders revealed that Donald Trump’s meeting with the North Korean delegation was productive but US will continue to keep sanctions and pressure on North Korea.

Second Trump Kim summit is announced even though there has been no indication of any narrowing of differences over United States demands that North Korea abandon the nuclear weapons program that threatens the US and Pyongyang’s demands for a lifting of punishing sanctions.


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