Sikh Police Officer Saves The Muslim Boy From Aggressive Hindu Crowd


Uttarakhand: A Sikh Cop’s video went viral on the social media. However, he saved the Muslim boy from the aggressive Hindu Mob present at the temple in Ramnagar.

Sikh Police Officer rescued the boy from the Hindu crowd who became angry after they found him with the Hindu girl at the temple. In Girija village, people started slapping and kicking the boy after they found the couple meeting at the crowded temple. However, Sikh Police Officer Gagandeep dispersed the mob and saved the boy single-handedly.

When Gagandeep refused to provide the boy to the Hindu crowd, they started shouting anti-police slogans. However, when the girl asked the Hindu crowd that why they were beating the boy, they replied that she is a Hindu and they will also beat her as she was roaming with a Muslim. Here is the video of the whole incident.


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