South Africa Plane Crash: At least one died and 20 injured


Atleast 20 people injured while one died during the South Africa plane crash.

According to sources, South Africa plane crash resulted in the injury of several people while one death is confirmed. The incident happened when a plane took a test flight from small South African capital Pretoria.

The Convair – 340 plane was due to flown to Aviodrome Air Museum from Wonderboom Airport. The plane came down on ground about 5 Kms east of the airport. However, it hit the small factory building and two people were injured.

The local government emergency services spokesman, Johan Pieterse, the plane had 19 passengers. However, the pilot and the engineer are also included among the passengers. He said that there was one fatality in the cockpit and they are not sure if it is the engineer or the pilot. He further added that they have got about 20 patients with injuries ranging from serious to critical, including 2 people who were on the ground.


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