Sri Lanka Blasts: Death toll now reached 310, over 500 are wounded


The deadly Sri Lanka blasts shocked the whole world yesterday. However, according to sources, the death toll is increased to near 300.

In Sri Lanka blasts, up till 310 people are died while over 500 are still wounded. Luxury hotels and churches were hit by the deadly attack on Sunday. Eight blasts hit Easter worshippers and high end hotels popular with international guests.

On the other side, the death toll that has risen dramatically overnight, was given by a police spokesman, who said a further 500 people had been wounded. The news came hours after it was revealed that an improvised bomb discovered at the main airport in Colombo had been defused.

A nationwide curfew imposed shortly after the blasts was lifted early Monday, with journalists reporting a steady stream of people and tuk tuks on the streets. However, there was still a heavy security presence at St Sebastien’s Church, the scene of one of the devastating blasts.

PM Imran Khan also condemned the incident and showed solidarity with Sri Lanka. Here is his tweet:


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