Syria War Situation to Remain Unchanged Despite Air Strikes


The British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, said that the current Syria war situation will remain unchanged despite the aerial strikes by the countries. Recently after a chemical attack on a city of Syria where the rebels were holed up, British Prime Minister Theresa May had contacted Donald Trump and French Prime Minister and asked them to strike.

The chemical bomb that had exploded in the rebel occupied city took lives of innocent children and old people, as they were found suffocated to their deaths. The U.S. President Donald Trump had placed the blame of the chemical attack on Assad and had shunned Russia and Iran for backing an animal up. He had warned Russia to back off as missiles were heading towards Syria. The three countries had planned a coordinated strike on Syria in response to the chemical attack and was executed recently.

The British Foreign Minister said that the world cannot tolerate the existence and use of Chemical weapons. He also stated that we will keep the pressure on Assad until he agrees to negotiate with us. Till then we are not sure if Assad has access to more chemical weapons. Syria war situation will remain unchanged till then.


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