The US will seek avenues to work with Imarn’s led government: State Department


WASHINGTON: The United States will be looking for opportunities to work with the new leadership of Pakistan and will try to advance security, stability, and prosperity in South Asia, State Department spokesperson said on Friday.

Earlier, after the initial results, Imran Khan led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf emerges as the single-biggest party in the National Assembly, in the midst of allegation of rigging and mismanagement. Khan’s party had won 105 of the 272 seats in the top legislature of the country.

The US is awaiting the full official results to declared by the Election Commission of Pakistan and observer missions to release their preliminary findings, the State Department spokesperson said.

“As Pakistan’s elected leaders form a new government, the United States will look for opportunities to work with them to advance our goals of security, stability, and prosperity in South Asia,” the State Department spokesperson told PTI. The spokesperson also said that the US was “concerned by reports of constraints placed on freedoms of expression, association, and the press leading up to the elections.”


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