Toronto Van Attack Accused Alek Minassian Blamed Women


Toronto van attack accused Alek Minassian blamed women minutes before the deadly attack. According to Police, he posted offensive video against women on Facebook. The suspect, Alek Minassian, 25, was charged in a Toronto court with 10 checks of first degree murder and 13 tallies of attempted murders one day after the van frenzy along the walkway of a bustling Toronto road.

He also praised Incel killer Elliot Rodger for his brutal act. However, “Incel” refers to a banned group on the messaging site Reddit. Young boys discussed their lack of attractiveness to women and dating on the banned group. They often blame women for the issue. Yesterday, Alek Minnasian killed several people in the Toronto van attack. People from all over the world are condemning the issue. Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, called the incident a horrific tragedy and a senseless attack. Yonge Street, the incident location remained closed for the police investigation.

Police’s Stance On Toronto Van Attack

The police have said that Mr. Minassian, who lived in the Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill, deliberately struck the casualties in what was probably going to consider Canada’s deadliest vehicular strike. Government authorities have said the assault did not give off an impression of being a demonstration of psychological oppression but rather have not discounted it.


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