Trouble for Pakistani Workers, Saudi Arabia Offered Jobs to Locals


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia is continuing to withdraw foreign citizens on one hand and foreign workers are being pulled out of some sectors. While, on the other hand, the vacancies are being carried out, to provide employment to the local citizens which are empty due to lack of training. According to the details, the statistics of Saudi Arabia have clarified that the volume of jobs in Saudi labor market has reached 351707. Out of these, 139143 Saudis and 212564 foreigners are in the hands of them.

According to the local newspaper, 35194 jobs were empty in the fields of trade and living. After that, 21657 jobs were found in the construction sector. The report also noted that during 2017 the number of jobs vacant for the record was recorded 45919. The report has been clarified that the vacancies in agriculture, fishing and surgery sector were found to be the lowest. In Saudi labor market, 351,000 jobs have been empty for local citizens.

Saudi Arabia Previously Banned These Jobs for Foreigners

Expats in Saudi Arabia should no more be permitted to work in 12 regions of work, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has expressed.

As indicated by the Saudi sources, the choice will happen from the following Hijri year.

Expats should be confined from working in watch shops, optical stores, medicinal gear stores, electrical and hardware shops, outlets offering auto save part, building material shops, outlets offering a wide range of rugs, car and versatile shops, shops offering home furniture and instant office material, deal outlets of instant articles of clothing, kids garments and men’s provisions, family utensils shops and cake shops.

“The choice does not influence the updates of understanding marked with different provincial governments to confine occupations to Saudis. The shop feminization will proceed as arranged,” service representative Khaled Aba Al-Khail was cited saying by the daily paper.


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