Trump can waive US sanctions on Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan


In a recent statement, Tayyip Erdogan revealed that the United States can waive sanctions on Turkey related to missile defence system.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, gave a big statement regarding sanctions of S-400 missile defense system purchasing. As previously Turkey received warnings from Washington that if they receive the shipment it will cause US sanctions on Turkey. There should be a centrism in the argument, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday.

US president Donald Trump has authorities to waive or postpone sanctions to prevent countries in buying military equipments from Russia. Broadcaster Haberturk said in an interview with Turkish journalist. “Trump has to find a middle ground” Erdogan believed

Erdogan statement came after NATO member turkey received their first consignment of Russian S-400 missile defense system parts.

We are not getting into any war or preparing for it, Endogan said. Turkey just purchased these missiles for the betterment of their defense system. We still believe in peace and guarantee it and our national security.

Turkey can also face their withdrawal from 35 stealth fighter jet program if its ac threat to CAATSA sanctions. That mean they will not be able to buy jets that had been ordered.

Erdogan revealed that Turkey had ordered more than 100 F-35s by Lockheed Martin and is expecting the US government to stay committed in making it for Turkey.


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