Turkey Accuses France for ‘Hosting’ Terrorists at the Elysee Palace


Ankara: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has blamed France for supporting terrorists by inviting them at the Elysee Palace. He warned France for endorsing terrorism over a diplomatic issue of France’s support for Syrian democratic forces. He is of the opinion that as long as they foster these terrorist, the West will face crisis.

French Support for Syrian Democratic Forces

President Erdogan’s verdict came at a time when France reacted critically against Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria against the Kurdish YPG. French President Emmanuel Macron met with a delegation in March that included the People’s Protection Unit (YPG), which is believed to be a terror organization as per Turkish authorities.

Turkish Stance on the Issue

Turkey believes that if French government supports Syrian democratic forces including YPG, they are actually endorsing terrorism to the West. It could make France an easy target of terrorism and can keep their national security at stake. Turkey has also openly criticized the US policy of supporting such terrorist groups like YPG and has threatened to extend military operations along the border.

The Turkey President also highlighted the incident happened in Germany, and he showed his concern over this new streak of terror that can jeopardize France and other European countries. He was extremely disappointed and saddened over France’s stance on this current issue, and believes that French policies can be devastating for their nation.


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